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We Created an Interface for Styling Bootstrap

Create unique styles every time without having to write a single line of code, unless you want to.

BootCats style editor
Example of JavaScript code.
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We Write the Code for You

Customize things further by downloading the SCSS source. We even include a Gulp file to speed things up.

No More Buying Themes!

Create Unlimited Styles with BootCats
  • BootCats Theme 1
  • BootCats Theme 2
  • BootCats Theme 3
  • BootCats Theme 4
  • BootCats Theme 5
  • BootCats Theme 6

Premium Bootstrap HTML Templates Included for Free

Every download includes premium Bootstrap templates with your style automatically intregrated. All you have to do is change the content.

Template Included

Single Page Website
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Style Guide Included

Each and every download comes with a comprehensive web style guide. No more losing track of type, buttons, color variations, and other options.

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Why Designers & Developers Love BootCats

  • Joe Bautista
    I’ve been using Bootstrap for a couple years now. BootCats has completely changed my design process. Joe Bautista VISCOM
  • Mikkah Del Prado
    I’m new to HTML & CSS, BootCats helped me learn Bootstrap and at the same time made styling so easy. Mikkah Del Prado CSUN
  • Hannah Chatman
    It makes my life so much easier. I will never go back to using just basic Bootstrap. Hannah Chatman SFA
Example of terminal application with Node, NPM and Gulp commands.

Want to use NPM, SASS and Gulp?

Choose the “Download SCSS” option and we’ll include fast, custom Gulp file to get you started. It couldn’t be any easier.

  • SASS
  • NPM
  • Node
  • Gulp
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BootCats’ Philosophy

We created BootCats to make the process of customizing popular front-end frameworks immediate, intuitive, and fun. Let us save you time.

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Become a Bootstrap Styling Expert

Get insights on how to style Bootstrap, how to get the most out of BootCats and some awesome tips and tricks.

Pete Medina

Creating a single page website in 10 minutes

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